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I knew him years ago. Then I found out about the other one in a rather curious way. He came to Washington and gave a lecture at the time and we entertained him at dinner. So these two men, the foremost men in Japan today. Both of these men went on to become senior Japanese political leaders who played crucial roles in the Russo-Japanese War of —5.

More than two decades after working with Isawa in Boston, Bell wrote to his father on August 28, , to convey his plans to travel to Japan for the first time later that year with his wife Mabel and their two daughters. Neither Mabel nor I care much about going but we realize that our opportunities for travelling with our children grow less every year.

As his fame had grown dramatically with the success of the telephone, he began to receive solicitations to speak from all over the globe, including an invitation from Emperor Meiji of Japan. This must surely have been an intriguing invitation, as Japan had only opened to the rest of the world a few decades earlier following what is now known as the Meiji Restoration of They arrived in Yokohama on October 5 and checked into the Grand Hotel.

In Japan [Bell] got word that the emperor would receive him at ten in the morning. On his return Bell immediately went to bed without comment, woke at two in the afternoon, and asked when the consul was coming to take him to the emperor. After a while the details came back hazily to his mind. Indeed, Bell was photographed at the school surrounded by a group of students and teachers on October 10, fig.

This confirms that Bell was finally able to meet his friend and former student again after more than twenty years. They then traveled by train to Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe, and from there went by boat to Nagasaki. Finally, the Bell family returned to Tokyo via train from Kyoto in early December. On December 10, accompanied by many crates filled with purchased items including the masks that were later donated to the Smithsonian , the Bell family boarded the SS China headed for San Francisco.

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They arrived home in Washington on January 9, Throughout their three-month journey to Japan, shopping was clearly a frequent activity of the Bells. This is mentioned numerous times by both Alexander and Elsie in their journals and led to the accumulation of a large collection of souvenirs. Graham Bell has just returned and.

Bell and Elsie and Daisy are all well.

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Among other things Japanese they have brought twenty two ducks and two dogs. The halls are full of packages and their friends are at the unpacking. Their trip to Japan was a very delightful one. Although the masks are not mentioned in the letters or journals, they were surely present among the packages that piled up in the halls of the Bell family home. This meeting may have been fateful: Joseph Henry himself had painful memories of the fame and fortune he had foregone by allowing Samuel Morse to pursue the commercial application of the telegraph, which Henry had invented in He therefore enthusiastically encouraged Bell to perfect and patent his machine before publishing his research and experiments.

Nearly twenty years later, Bell became much more intimately associated with the Smithsonian as a result of his friendship with Samuel Langley, who served as Smithsonian secretary from to Bell was greatly impressed with a lecture on aviation Langley had given at the National Academy of Science in The timing of this appointment was somewhat unfortunate for Bell, as it would preclude his acceptance of a prestigious decoration during his Japanese trip. Bell then wrote to the deputy consul general of the United States, George Hawthorne Scidmore, to find out if this would be acceptable. In his response, Scidmore advised Bell not to accept the order because as a Smithsonian regent Bell was a representative of the US government and therefore barred from receiving decorations from a foreign head of state. This clearly disappointed Bell, because he promptly wrote to Alfred Buck, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the United States, requesting that he send a telegram directly to the state department in Washington to ask about the matter.

No response from Buck or the State Department can be found, but the outcome is clear: Bell was never awarded the Order of the Rising Sun. Beyond denying him opportunities to be decorated abroad, Bell is reported to have found his position as a Smithsonian regent to be a disappointment overall. In , Bell and his wife Mabel traveled to Europe on a rescue mission on behalf of the Smithsonian. In , Smithson had died in Genoa, Italy, and was buried there in an old British cemetery.

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The tone of the letters is genial, with Balfour and Archibald Bell at one point discussing the use of siege engines during the war of the Sicilian Vespers letter dated 8 November In the same letter the first two pages of which are shown here as illustrations Bell makes a particularly interesting reference to a manuscript:. I did not have time to read through them, or put them into order, but in this also, I will render you any assistance that you desire. His last years were spent at South Newington, near Banbury, where he was employed in writing a book embodying his palaelogical researches, and it is hoped that his manuscripts may be published with his own drawings of the many implements in his collection Anon Only fragment that the PRM has of Bell's writing, description of stone eolith The following is as complete a list of all Alexander James Montgomerie Bell's exhibitions, lectures and publications publications including references to unrelated subjects as it has been possible to compile.

Bell exhibited a number of neolithic and palaeolithic implements recently found by him at Wolvercot Bellamy Bell exhibited two flint and quartzite implements found by him at Wolvercote, 17 feet below the surface. The quartzite implement is remarkably perfect and was stated to be only the second from the Thames Valley Bellamy Bell showed a spindle-whorl from near Abingdon, and some flint implements Bellamy Bell showed a piece of Samian ware from Shotover, with a picture of the actual plate, reconstructed from the remaining portion of the circumference Bellamy Bell; no details recorded Bellamy Bell showed flint implements from Wolvercote Bellamy Bell showed a knife, the sheath of which was made of a reindeer's antler, ornamented with Lapp drawings of the animal itself Bellamy Bell showed a wooden preliminary tombstone, or ihai , from Japan; and his friend, Dr.

Hoernle, of the Asiatic Society, showed some pictures of very ancient writings and relics discovered on the site of one of the buried cities of the Tacla Makan Desert of Central Asia Bellamy Bell showed a knocking-stone from Scotland, dated Bellamy Bell showed the contents of a neolithic "cache", two similar flint axes, made for barter and concealed, in neolithic times, discovered lately near Limpsfield Surrey Bellamy Bell showed four palaeolithic implements Bellamy A report of this lecture was printed in the Oxford Times on May 25, Percy Manning a well known local antiquarian also kept notes on the lecture, these are held as part of the Manning Archive at the Ashmolean Museum, unique ID: Manning Bell Bibliography.

Bell, A. Gaisford prize: recited in the Theatre, Oxford, June 26, Oxford: T.

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Poems selected from the works of Robert Burns. London: Rivingtons. Second Greek reader: selections from Herodotus and Xenophon with introductions, notes, and vocabulary.


Oxford: Clarendon Press. London: Unknown. The Later Age of Stone, especially in connection with remains found near Limpsfield. A lecture, etc. Westerham: Hooker Bell, A. Antiquary - Longman's Magazine Report of the Ashmolean Natural History society of Oxfordshire : 32 -