Released with Minor Injuries: A Record of Bruises and Metamorphosis

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A limited run vinyl pressing was also made, but copies have long sold out since and second hand prices have fetched stupid prices. Splitting Sky will thus yet again be available for the vinyl fans, but this time around the way it was initially intended to look and sound while bearing all the hallmarks of high quality and attention to detail that a Cursed Tongue Records release has come to offer.

If It Bruises, It’s Working

In the five years since releasing their debut Splitting Sky, they have become a staple of the Mid-Atlantic — and US — stoner rock scene. The band has worked with labels from the US, Spain, Germany, and Japan to get their music to the masses, and has teamed up with similar acts Cortez, Geezer, and Eggnogg — even their own former band Adam West — on split releases. The past two years has pushed Borracho to both Europe and the west coast of the United States to preach their gospel of low and heavy grooves.

With the release of their third LP Atacama, the band is primed for a larger audience, with a totally organic and diverse collection of heavy anthems to get people up onto their feet and raising their fists in a glorious Hallelujah. So the band might be seasoned but the three gringos behind the stearing wheel are far from done, quite opposite they seem to age in style and class, remaining everso evident and vibrant. Only a few things in life are for certain; one of them is that Borracho came to play heavy-AF riffs, rock-out and have a good time — and they never left!

Noah Greenberg handled vocal duties on Splitting Sky, but afterwards he left the band and moved abroad. All words and music by Borracho. Band photography by Margaret Allen. Additional design and artwork for this vinyl edition by Michael Andresakis. Side A 1. Redemption 2. Concentric Circles 3.

Bloodsucker 4. Grab The Reins. Side B 5. All In Play 6.

Never Get It Right 7. Splitting Sky by Borracho. That came out through Ripple Music. I told you it was a fun one. However, before we reveal what album we are talking about you will have to accept a little challenge! The idea is to get many release pictures posted all around Instagram in order to draw attention toward the Borracho.

They have released many things on vinyl along the years; so many people have them in their collection; they just need to dust them off and blast them on their turntable!!! Riffography by Borracho. Full disclosure, this past summer I was asked by Borracho to write the liner notes for this release.

e-book Released with Minor Injuries: A Record of Bruises and Metamorphosis

Get over it. As far as narratives go, theirs is cleaner than most. That track would appear on Oculus with Fisher on vocals, but it speaks directly to that essential transition in the group and to their trying to make it work as a foursome despite their original singer moving away. For that, it is ultimately about their future nearly as much as their past.

Borracho on Thee Facebooks. Borracho on Twitter. Borracho on Bandcamp. Borracho website. Ripple Music on Thee Facebooks. Ripple Music on Twitter. Ripple Music on Bandcamp. By way of a confession, I wrote the liner notes over the summer for the forthcoming Riffography compilation from D. I was honored to be asked to be a part of the project. The release — through Ripple , out Dec. In between these key releases, Borracho dropped half-dozen or so limited-edition vinyl singles and split sevens, amassed an enviable collection of unreleased tracks and recorded alternate takes of their own material, with a mind to satisfy fans and collectors around the globe.

Cover illustration by Andrea Nakasato, Lima, Peru — www.

Tracklisting: 1. Rectify 2.

Circulos Concentricos 3. Mob Gathering 4. Stockpile 6. Know the Score 7. Know My Name 8. Fight the Prophets Superego Shark Tank Border Crossing Animal Magnetism. He is alone. He has already been changed into a beetle, but his human impressions still mingle with his new insect instincts. The scene ends with the introduction of the still human time element. Good Lord! It was half-past six and the hands were quietly moving on, it was even past the half-hour, it was getting on toward a quarter to seven. Had the alarm clock not gone off?

The next train went at seven o'clock; to catch that he would need to hurry like mad and his samples weren't even packed up, and he himself wasn't feeling particularly fresh and active. And even if he did catch the train he wouldn't avoid a row with the boss, since the firm's messenger would have been waiting for the five o'clock train and would have long since reported his failure to turn up. Gregor really felt quite well, apart from a drowsiness that was utterly superfluous after such a long sleep, and he was even unusually hungry. Scene II: The three members of the family knock on his doors and talk to him from, respectively, the hallway, the living room, and his sister's room.

When the Rolling Stones Collected Their Past on ‘Hot Rocks’

This is his beetle itch in human terms. The pathetic urge to find some protection from betrayal, cruelty, and filth is the factor that went to form his carapace, his beetle shell, which at first seems hard and secure but eventually is seen to be as vulnerable as his sick human flesh and spirit had been.

Who of the three parasites—father, mother, sister—is the most cruel? At first it would seem to be the father. But he is not the worst: it is the sister, whom Gregor loves most but who betrays him beginning with the furniture scene in the middle of the story. In the second scene the door theme begins: "there came a cautious tap at the door behind the head of his bed. Hadn't you a train to catch? Gregor had a shock as he heard his own voice answering hers, unmistakably his own voice, it was true, but with a persistent pitiful squeaky undertone Yet this brief exchange of words had made the other members of the family aware that Gregor was still in the house, as they had not expected, and at one of the side doors his father was already knocking gently, yet with his fist.

Aren't you well? Do you need anything? So his father went back to his breakfast, but his sister whispered: 'Gregor, open the door, do. Scene III: The getting out of bed ordeal in which man plans but beetle acts. Gregor still thinks of his body in human terms, but now a human's lower part is a beetle's hind part, a human's upper part is a beetle's fore part.

A man on all fours seems to him to correspond to a beetle on all sixes. He does not quite yet understand this and will persistently try to stand up on his third pair of legs. But then he said to himself: 'Before it strikes a quarter past seven I must be quite out of this bed, without fail. Anyhow, by that time someone will have come from the office to ask what is the matter with me, since it opens before seven. If he tipped himself out in that way he could keep his head from injury by lifting it at an acute angle when he fell.

His back seemed to be hard and was not likely to suffer from a fall on the carpet. His biggest worry was the loud crash he would not be able to help making, which would probably cause anxiety, if not terror, behind all the doors. Still, he must take the risk Well, ignoring the fact that the doors were all locked, ought he really to call for help? In spite of his misery he could not suppress a smile at the very idea of it.

Sagittal Band Injury Boxer's Knuckle - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Scene IV: He is still struggling when the family theme, or the theme of the many doors, takes over again, and in the course of this scene he falls out of bed at last, with a dull thud. The conversation is a little on the lines of a Greek chorus. From Gregor's office the head clerk has been sent to see why he has not yet turned up at the station.

Borracho Archives - The Obelisk

This grim speed in checking a remiss employee has all the qualities of a bad dream. The speaking through doors, as in the second scene, is now repeated. Note the sequence: the chief clerk talks to Gregor from the living room on the left; Gregor's sister, Grete, talks to her brother from the room on the right; the mother and father join the chief clerk in the living room. Gregor can still speak, but his voice becomes more and more indistinct, and soon his speech cannot he understood. In Finnegans Wake, written twenty years later by James Joyce, two washerwomen talking across a river are gradually changed into a stout elm and a stone.

Gregor does not understand why his sister in the right-hand room did not join the others.